I’m going to tell you the secret of the biggest real estate investors in Punta Cana.

You know what the biggest risk is when you invest in real estate?

Not from having to buy a property in which you will discover that there are unexpected repairs to be made, it is managed very well with a few dollars more ,

Not to discover that important general works were voted on at the last general assembly and you did not have the information, it is also managed by a few more dollars and does not globally question your pleasure to have invested in the Caribbean,

Not to discover that there are some noise nuisances in the evening near your residence, there again with diplomacy and perseverance these inconveniences can be managed in the long term even if it sometimes spoils your tranquility.

No, it’s not that.

You didn’t find it?

What would really blow you away, totally wipe you out?

What would radically challenge your investment? Something you can’t change anymore?

The location of your property!!!

You agree?

This is a potentially fundamental error.

It seems obvious, and yet ...

This is critical in a region like Punta Cana.

Yes, we are talking about a region, not a city.

Too often, whether it is a national or a foreigner, people unfamiliar with this geographical area confuse everything and mention Punta Cana as the place of their ideal investment.I'm sure you too are talking about Punta Cana without really knowing, right?

But is this really Punta Cana where you want to put your money?

Is it not Bàvaro with its fabulous beaches so sought after by tourists?

Nor is Cap Cana sought after for its luxury villas and its hyper tranquility?

Is it really Punta Cana for its proximity to the airport, its malls or the main golf courses of the region?

When you take a closer look, you can see that the investment style and objectives are really different.


Now you get it.

In a "city" spread over more than 30 kilometers, which includes sectors as different as Bavaro, Downtown, Vista Cana, Cap Cana, Punta Cana Resort, Punta Cana Village, Uvero Alto, El ejecutivo, Cocotal, Marina Cap Cana, Canabay, Los Corales, El cortecito , Bibijagua, Central, Friusa, Veron, Pueblo Bavaro..., it is possible that you are mistaken especially if you came quickly on vacation and you are set to invest even remotely.

Just looking at the pretty videos and photos of the promoters. The secret of the big real estate investors in "Punta Cana" lies in their ability to conduct an in-depth market study before investing their money. For this they ask for expert assistance like Christophe Punta Cana agency!

This seems obvious but few people do this!

And many regret after not having studied the market enough. Sometimes it has little impact on investment, sometimes it has a lot and it’s too late!

A property is not liquid and does not move.

If the purchase is always quick and easy, resale is more complex especially in Punta Cana.


Because there are more and more new real estate programs every day, every where, and investors prefer to buy new with many tax benefits related to the Confotur Act than to buy second-hand apartments. While this approach is questionable, it is a fact. So the choice of investment and its location is paramount.

"the devil is in the details" isn’t it?

How many times have you bitten your fingers by buying the wrong computer or phone or washing machine because you haven’t looked into the market enough? and yes we too...

Our agency CHRISTOPHE PUNTA CANA is there to help you make the right decisions AND find the good opportunity.